Cycle-to-work has evolved

Provide cycling benefits your employees actually want.

  • ➜ No cost to join.
  • ➜ Employees benefit from 28% - 47% savings
  • ➜ Promote sustainable and active travel.
  • ➜ Fully automated sign-up and application process.

Your employees' commuting habits are changing.

Buying a bike is so... 1985. Last year (2023) saw the lowest ever number of bicycles sales in the UK since 1985! At the same time, bike sharing schemes have been exploding in popularity.

More and more people prefer the flexbility, convenience and increasing availability of bike sharing schemes over traditional bike ownership.

Bike Share growth

Traditional cycle-to-work schemes have not kept up with the times.

Traditional cycle-to-work schemes still focus on bike ownership. This does not meet the needs of the modern-day workforce.

CycleSaver is the only cycle-to-work scheme providing comprehensive coverage of UK's bike sharing schemes.

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Bicycle ownership

Bicycle ownership








Beryl (pedal/e-bike)



Santander Cycles

Santander Cycles




* Bike rental services, not bike share. You are still responsible for the bicycle at all times.


Ensuring cycle-to-work is not hard work

No more portals. No more forgotten passwords. No more vouchers and manual invoicing. We're bringing cycle-to-work into the 21st century

We have leveraged AI and the latest technology to streamline and automate the entire process. Here are some highlights:

1. Sign-up in 3 minutes Signing up to CycleSaver costs nothing and takes less than 3 minutes. All we need is company HR details (for approvals), Finance details (for invoicing), and company bank details (for easy product payment via direct debit)

2. Bespoke Application Link: We immediately provide a bespoke website link where your staff can apply for a CycleSaver subscription of their choice. In addition, we'll help promote the scheme by providing advice and ready-to-go marketing materials

3. Seamless approvals: HR can approve applications over email in just 2-clicks. From there, employee salary sacrifice agreements are generated automatically.

4. Salary Sacrifice Information: We know payroll can be a pain, that's why we send you monthly salary deduction reports to make the job as easy as possible.

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Additional benefits for companies

Benefits for companies and its employees across wellness (physical + mental), sustainability, and financial wellbeing.

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Achieve your Net Zero goals by promoting eco-friendly travel.

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Financial benefits

Companies also save! Reduce your Employer National Insurance Tax bill.

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Receive monthly reports on cycling usage and CO2 emissions avoided.

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Healthier workforce

Active travel has many physical and mental health benefits, improving productivity and retention of your workforce.


Step-by-step process of how it works

Offering CycleSaver's products to your employees costs nothing and couldn't be simpler.

Follow the steps below to get started!

1. Employer Registration: Register as an employer through our employer sign up page. It costs nothing to register and takes less than 2 minutes.

2. Unique link: We will provide you with a unique link where your employees can choose the CycleSaver product of their choice.

3. Approval: Once an employee selects a product, a request for approval is sent to your HR contact. They will need to perform National Minimum Wage checks and approve the subscription which takes just 2 clicks.

4. Salary Sacrifice Agreement: Once approved, a salary sacrifice agreement is sent to the employee via email for e-signature. Again, this is a 2 click process.

5. Product Activation: Once approved, CycleSaver will activate the product and communicate any required action to the employee.

6. Payment (from the company): The company pays for the subscription upfront. This is typically done by a monthly direct debit.

7. Salary Sacrifice: Each month, we send a salary adjustment report to HR/Payroll before your payroll cut-off date. This provides a list of employees with their repsective deductions for that particular month.

8. Salary deductions: The company will need to adjust their employees' pay based on the information sent by CycleSaver. This process will be identical to any other salary sacrifice benefits you may have.


Employees are increasingly choosing bike hire over ownership

Unlike traditional cycle to work schemes that focus on bike ownership, bike sharing and rental schemes offer flexibility and convenience without the commitment of ownership.

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Ideal for employees who commute partially by public transport or those who do not have space for a bike at home.

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Cycle-to-work schemes often entail leasing complexities and fees. Our subscription service eliminates these hassles.

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Cheaper than bike ownership after accounting for insurance, punctures, maintenance and storage.

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With over 40 000 bikes across the UK, and counting, bike sharing has never been been more convenient.




I already have cycle-to-work scheme. Can I still partner with CycleSaver?

Yes, may companies choose to partner with CycleSaver in addition to other cycle to work schemes. Our cycle-to-work scheme is the only scheme to provide a comprehensive range of bikes share products.

Does CycleSaver offer cycle ownership?

We focus exclusively on cycle hire subscriptions. If ownership is required, we can facilitate this through other partners which we recommend.

Does it cost anything to partner with CycleSaver?

No, there are no initial costs involved in partnering with us. We do charge a facilitate fee for each subsriptio purchased, but this is always less than the Employer National Insurance Tax savings. This means companies ALWAYS BENEFIT for each CycleSaver product taken out.


What is the Cycle to Work scheme?

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government-backed initiative that allows employees to purchase or hire a bicycle through their employer, making it more affordable through salary sacrifice.

How does the Cycle to Work scheme work?

Employees choose a bike hire membership from participating partner, and the employer purchases this subscription items on their behalf. The cost is then deducted from the employee's gross salary (salary sacrifice) over a set period of 12 months.

Is CycleSaver a benefit in kind? Do I have to do P11D reporting?

No, this is not a benefit-in-kind and P11D reporting is not required. This is because the cycle-to-work legislation explicitely allows for employer to provide bicycles for their employees

What is salary sacrifice, and how does it benefit me?

Salary sacrifice means giving up part of your salary in exchange for the bike rental subscription. This reduces your taxable income, resulting in potential savings on income tax and National Insurance contributions.


Am I eligible to participate in the Cycle to Work scheme?

Most employees in the UK are eligible, but it's essential to check with your employer, as eligibility criteria can vary. Typically, you need to be on the payroll and subject to PAYE tax.

How do apply for a cycle to work bike sharing subscription?

Simply click on the “Apply” [Hyperlink], select your product and provide us with information on your employer as well as your personal information. We’ll contact your company and will communicate with you once everything has been approved and finalised.

Does my company need to be signed-up with for me to take advantage of this?

No, anyone can apply as long as you qualify. We will liaise with your company to fulfil any administrative requirements. Given this, we need a person or division within your company that we can contact for this to be arranged.


What if I leave my job during the salary sacrifice period?

Your bike subscription will still be valid when you leave your job. You may need to settle the remaining balance for the subscription, usually from your final salary payment.

What happens at the end of the salary sacrifice period?

At the end of the agreed period, you can renew or discontinue your subscription.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can join multiples subscriptions from different partners. Purchasing multiple subscriptions from the same partner is not possible. This is particularly popular in cities with multiple bike sharing schemes such as London.

Can I transfer my Cycle to Work scheme to a new employer?

Generally, you are unable to transfer an existing scheme to a new employer. Your subscription will be valid until the expiry date. 30 - 45 days before expiry, you can renew your subscription with your new employer.


How is different from other cycle to work schemes?

We are the UK’s only cycle to work scheme that focuses on cycle hire and sharing schemes. We are the only provider offering the rang.

How do I contact

You can contact us by emailing us at

You do not have a subscription with my preferred partner.

We are always looking to expand our product range. If you have a particular request, feel free to email us at




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