Save 28%-47% on bike hire

with our cycle-to-work subscription products

Starting at only £5.30 per month

CycleSaver is the UK's only cycle to work scheme with a focus on bike hire subscriptions from the UK's leading providers.

Cycle Hire Salary Sacrifice

Take advantage of the UK government's cycle-to-work scheme and enjoy significant savings.

Bypass the usual tax and national insurance payments on these subscriptions, saving you up to 47% more of your hard-earned money.
Embrace a healthier journey to work and a fuller wallet, without the commitment of ownership.


Why cycle hire?

Join the more than 2.5 million active users of bike hire schemes. Bike hires offer the convenience and independence of cycling without the drawbacks and expenses of bike ownership, making them a more flexible, cost-effective, and simpler alternative.

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Peace of mind

Eliminate the fear of theft and the necessity for costly insurance - you'll have peace of mind whether you're at work, home, or anywhere in between.

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No hassles of regular maintenance, flat tires, or charging your e-bike; simply pick up and drop off bikes at multiple locations for each one-way journey.

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Cycling needs vary over time. Cycle hire offers unmatched flexibility, letting you adjust your cycling habits freely, free from long-term commitments.

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Unlock significant savings compared to traditional bicycle ownership by sidestepping insurance, maintenance costs, and large initial outlays.

How do I save?

Cycle-to-work is a salary sacrifice benefit which means the cost of your subscription gets deducted from your pre-tax (gross) salary. This is before tax and National Insurance are calculated, so you pay less tax and National Insurance overall.

The cost of your annual bike subscription is spread over 12 months and deducted from your monthly pre-tax salary. By spreading the cost of your annual bike subscription over 12 months, you enjoy the convenience of smaller, more manageable payments

What could I save?

This depends on your income tax bracket.

BasicLess than £50,23428%
HigherMore than £50,23442%
AdditionalMore than £120,12147%

This means you can get a subscription from as low as £5.30 per month.



Where is this service available?

Our subscriptions are available in over 20 cities and towns across the UK such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds. To check if a partner operates in your area, please see our coverage map below.


How it works

Follow our 4-step process and get cycling!

Step 1

Choose your subscription

Select which bike or e-bike rental product works best for you

Step 2

Submit your application

Submit your application by clicking on Apply Now below

Step 3

Company Approval

Your employer will approve your cycle to work scheme subscription.

Step 4

Subscription Activated

Your benefit will now be activated. The cost is deducted from your monthly salary before tax, saving you 28%-47%.


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What is the Cycle to Work scheme?

The Cycle to Work scheme is a government-backed initiative that allows employees to purchase or hire a bicycle through their employer, making it more affordable through salary sacrifice.

How does the Cycle to Work scheme work?

Employees choose a bike hire membership from participating partner, and the employer purchases this subscription items on their behalf. The cost is then deducted from the employee's gross salary (salary sacrifice) over a set period of 12 months.

What is salary sacrifice, and how does it benefit me?

Salary sacrifice means giving up part of your salary in exchange for the bike rental subscription. This reduces your taxable income, resulting in potential savings on income tax and National Insurance contributions.


Am I eligible to participate in the Cycle to Work scheme?

Most employees in the UK are eligible, but it's essential to check with your employer, as eligibility criteria can vary. Typically, you need to be on the payroll and subject to PAYE tax.

How do apply for a cycle to work bike sharing subscription?

Simply click on the “Apply” [Hyperlink], select your product and provide us with information on your employer as well as your personal information. We’ll contact your company and will communicate with you once everything has been approved and finalised.

Does my company need to be signed-up with for me to take advantage of this?

Anyone can apply as long as you are eligible, however your company needs to be willing to administer the salary sacrifice arrangement for you. If your company isn't registered, you can provide us with your company's HR contact information in your application and we will be in touch with them to register with us so you can enjoy the benefits that CycleSaver has to offer!


What if I leave my job during the salary sacrifice period?

Your bike subscription will still be valid when you leave your job. You may need to settle the remaining balance for the subscription, usually from your final salary payment.

What happens at the end of the salary sacrifice period?

At the end of the agreed period, you can renew or discontinue your subscription.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can join multiples subscriptions from different partners. Purchasing multiple subscriptions from the same partner is not possible. This is particularly popular in cities with multiple bike sharing schemes such as London.

Can I transfer my Cycle to Work scheme to a new employer?

Generally, you are unable to transfer an existing scheme to a new employer. Your subscription will be valid until the expiry date. 30 - 45 days before expiry, you can renew your subscription with your new employer.


How is different from other cycle to work schemes?

We are the UK’s only cycle to work scheme that focuses on cycle hire and sharing schemes.

How do I contact

You can contact us by emailing us at

You do not have a subscription with my preferred partner.

We are always looking to expand our product range. If you have a particular request, feel free to email us at




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